​Beginners' courses

Bachelor's Degree programme in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

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Beginners' courses

Each student enrolled in the Bachelor's Degree programme in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures may enrol for each year in only one of the following:

  • 60-hour beginners' courses to be delivered in person

Lists of participants and further specific information will be published in September on the pages of the relative lecturers under "Information for students".

Attending beginners' courses is fundamental to language learning. The elements of writing, phonetics and grammar introduced in the courses provide basic information that will not be repeated during the academic year. Absolute beginners are therefore urged to book and attend courses regularly.

Detailed calendars with timetables and classrooms are available on the UniBg home page >  timetables 


  • In order to be able to attend beginners' courses, students must have completed the process of enrolment in the Degree Course;
  • To enrol, you must use the account: initials of name.surname@studenti.unibg.it which is assigned after you have finalised your enrolment in the Degree Course;
  • students enrolled in other Departments may attend beginners' courses in all foreign languages with the exception of the Spanish course, reserved for students of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
For complete information, including deadlines and calendars, please visit