Tutoring activities

The ongoing orientation and tutoring activities organized within the Department of Foreign Languages, Literature and Cultures are managed in a coordinated form by the Course Councils and the International Orientation and Programmes Service, the central structure of the University that operates through the Orientation steering committee.

The activity is planned and verified every two months through meetings of the Orientation steering Committee, chaired by the Vice Rector and Delegate to Orientation (prof. Adolfo Scotto di Luzio, adolfo.scotto@unibg.it), the Rector’s Delegate for relations with schools and ongoing orientation Federica Origo (prof. Federica Origo, federica.origo@unibg.it). Our Department’s Delegate for orientation is Prof. Luca Bani (luca.bani@unibg.it).

For every need of guidance in progress, students enrolled at our Degree courses can speak to:

  • the President of the Course
  • the faculty of the Course
  • the staff of the Presidia
  • the Course tutors, who act as an interface between students and the educational structure in order to offer a concrete reference point for teaching activities and for addressing problems that may be an obstacle to the regular course of study
  • the tutors of individual courses, who support professors in teaching activities and organize extra exercises for students

In particular, these activities include:

  • Individual meetings with professors and lecturers (in person, via e-mail or electronically). In synergy with the referents of specific actions (study plans, internationalization, internships, laboratories, summer schools etc.), referents guide students through the choices required by their course of study. The consultancy activity concerning internships is individualized and aimed at ensuring that the student matures an experience in the working environment that can be spent in his/her professional future, together with the linguistic and cultural preparation s/he has acquired in the educational path. Support information is also provided for access to the services and administrative procedures of the Department and the University.
  • Group counselling for students with specific needs (students leaving for study period abroad, students attending certain courses, workshops or seminars, etc.).
  • Meetings with the referents for student-staff communication: in the event of problems encountered by a homogeneous group of students with regard to one or more courses that cannot be resolved by dialogue with the academic staff, the Course has a contact person who collects the information of the students and, if necessary, forward them to higher organs.
  • Preparation seminars for dissertations and/or degree theses, funded by TQP University funds and coordinated by the relevant contact person.
  • The Degree Courses’ websites and social media resources: these contain the essential information related to study plans, teaching laboratories, internships and internationalization, and are used to update students, quickly and widely, on scientific dissemination initiatives and training in place within the Course.

For the purpose of orientation and counselling of students during their studies, the Courses have their own contact person for orientation, study plans, student-staff communication, internships and/or workshops, course schedules, for Erasmus and/or international exchanges, for dissertations and/or degree thesis. To become familiar with the organization of each course, and to find all the relevant contact details, visit the Contacts page of each website: