Curricular internships

Master's Degree students may carry out, as an alternative to laboratory experience, an internship of 125 or 250 hours (corresponding to 5 or 10 CFUs) with content in line with the university course. Indeed, the internship offers students the opportunity to put into practice and test the knowledge and skills they have acquired; for this reason, it cannot be started until a minimum number of CFUs has been obtained, which varies according to the degree course.

For many students, an internship is also their first experience in a real working environment and a way of demonstrating their qualities, their desire to learn, their willingness and ability to adapt. It is therefore a bridge to future employment and an important moment for discovering their true interests and aspirations. Out students' mastery of foreign languages makes them suitable for a variety of work contexts: private companies, public institutions, museums, cultural associations, social promotion associations, training organisations, etc..

The numerous agreements that our University has with entities willing to host internships do encourage dialogue between the University and the local world of work, but students can also choose to gain their experience elsewhere, in Italy, Europe and in non-European countries such as Russia, China, Japan and Morocco.

During the internship, the student is supported by a contact person within the host organisation or company and is supervised by a university lecturer. These two figures guarantee that the experience runs smoothly.

For detailed information on concrete internship opportunities, administrative procedures and regulations, we recommend that you consult the Guidelines published here, as well as the specific webpages of each Degree Course, and/or contact the Internship Office or the contact persons for your Degree Course.

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Useful contacts
  • Master's Degree Course in Geography and Urban Studies | Contact person: Prof. Fulvio Adobati
  • Master's Degree Course in European and Pan-American Languages and Literatures | Contact person: Prof. Anna De Biasio
  • Master's Degree Course in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation | Contact person: Prof. Maria Chiara Pesenti
  • Master's Degree Course in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems | Contact person: Prof. Federica Burini
  • Master's Degree Course in Text Sciences and Culture Enhancement in the Digital Age | Contact person: Prof. Stefano Morosini
Internship opportunities
Internship opportunities Interculture Project - LMCCI

As part of the 'interculture project' involving several state schools in the Valle Seriana area, we propose the requests received for:

no. 1 internship of 250 hours for LMCCI / ISLLI English language student

no. 1 250-hour internship for LMCCI/ISLLI Spanish language student

no. 1 internship of 250 hours for LMCCI/ISLLI French language student, possibly with expertise in teaching Italian as L2

no.1 250-hour internship for LMCCI / ISLLI French language student

In addition to facilitating the learning of Italian as a second language, the project provides support for the work of the teaching staff in charge of linguistic and, in some cases, cultural mediation, to enable the pupil to reach an adequate level of knowledge of the new language.