Quality Management System

Department's three-year Strategic Plan

The strategic objectives of Research and Third Mission are pursued by the Department through a Quality Management System aimed at defining the process of continuous improvement of Research and Third Mission:


The Department, in line with the University's Quality Policy, has defined its own Quality Assurance Policies:

Functional organisation of the Department

The Department has its own Functional Organisation, divided into Bodies and a Committee, with their own tasks and responsibilities, supported by the 'Department Office', a technical-administrative structure:

Teaching QA

Quality Assurance Management Group (Review Group) for the Modern Foreign Languages and Literature Course:

Teaching component

Prof. Raul Calzoni

Prof. Marina Bianchi

Prof. Gabriele Cocco

Prof. Ornella Discacciati

Prof. Cristian Pallone


Student component

Ms Giulia Camotti


Quality Assurance Management Group (Review Group) in Intercultural Studies in languages and literatures:

Teaching component

Prof. Michela Gardini

Prof. Ornella Discacciati

Prof. Fabio Scotto


Student component

Ms Erica Lacanna 


Quality Assurance Management Group (Review Group) in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation:

Teaching component

Prof. Luisa Chierichetti

Prof. Patrizia Anesa

Prof. Lucia Avallone

Prof. Martina Censi

Prof. Giovanni Garofalo

Prof. Manuela Caterina Moroni

Prof. Maria Chiara Pesenti


Student component

Ms Celeste Cervello 


Quality Assurance Management Group (Review Group) in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems:

Teaching component

Prof.ssa Federica Burini

Prof.ssa Elena Bougleux

Prof.ssa Cinzia Spinzi


Student component

Mr Lorenzo Belotti

Ms Gaia Invernizzi


Quality Assurance Management Group (Review Group) in Geourbanistica:

Teaching component

Prof. Alessandra Ghisalberti

Prof. Francesco Lo Monaco

Prof. Adobati Fulvio

Prof. Emanuele Garda

Research QA

Members of the Committee:

Prof.ssa Ornella Discacciati - Contact person

Prof.ssa Elena Agazzi

Prof. Giovanni Garofalo

Prof.ssa Alessandra Ghisalberti

Prof.ssa Elena Bougleux

Prof. Davide Checchi


Prof. Maria Grazia Cammarota maintains the position of Contact Person for the Project of Excellence